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MIR Magic Vinegar 661073

MIR Magic Vinegar 661073

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No more bad odors in the washer

  1. Dissatisfied with the results of your washer?
  2. The white is not white for you?
  3. The black seems to lose its original luster?

But even worse, bad smell in your washer or dryer.

Before you spend your money on treatments of all kinds,


You will be surprised at the results!


MIR Vinegar Magic

Thanks to its exclusive formula, MIR Vinegar Magic Classic degreases perfectly

and removes all traces to a perfect shine. MIR Magic

Vinegar Classic is used with the regeneration salt and rinse aid MIR.

The additives

MIR Vinegar Magic has a full range of additives to meet all

your needs: A rinse that ensures no traces drying to

brilliant shine. Salt Regenerating fighting for limestone

Protected dishwasher and a brilliant dishes. A cleaner

active protection of the mechanism of your dishwasher.

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